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“I just closed on my 3rd investment property with Flip & Dani Lynn. I’ve truly enjoyed their ease of access and their availability via phone or email anytime I need them.  They genuinely want to help an investor like me, find exactly the desired type of location & properties I was looking for.  My experience with another company was a ‘used-car-lot’ attitude, not caring to listen to what I was looking for, with their continual daily pressure to buy in poor locations of a ‘war-zone’ city.  It’s great to work with a team who has a passion and heart for their investors, while providing great attention to details!”

~ Belinda C. Hayden, ID

“I’ve known this dynamic duo for years and have personally done business with them. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to align their investment portfolios with Dani and Flip’s offerings.  In fact, they are on my very small list of “go-to” people when anyone asks me about investing in turnkey rentals.

As a blogger, event organizer, and leader of several Facebook Real Estate Groups, I’ve seen all kinds, and heard some of the most horrific stories from many victimized by trusting the wrong people.  Dani and Flip know that to be in this business for as long as they have, they know that finding the right solution for the right investor is critical for everyone to succeed in real estate investing.

Always do your own due diligence.  I’m sure you will find like I have, that Dani and Flip are the real deal.”

~ Jean N.


“I have been working with Dani for a few months after I accepted their offer to take over management on a property that had been severely neglected by the previous management company.   The situation was a mess with excessive grass fines from the city, 4 months unpaid by the tenant as well as utilities not transferred and being charged to me.  As soon as the property was transferred to Dani, they got straight to work on finding out what happened and why.

After hours of calls, emails and research, they were able to put together a full timeline and accounting of what happened and immediately held the past property managers and tenant responsible with immediate and massive action.  As a result, they were able to avoid a costly eviction, turnover and vacancy expenses by getting all past rents collected, initial eviction fees reimbursed, section 8 payments reinstated and utilities caught up!  We are still working on the grass fines and getting one final utility issue worked out but they are working diligently to get that rectified soon as well!

Thank you Dani for your great communication and constant updates and taking on a HUGE mess and working hard on my behalf to get this property back to a profitable investment for me!”

~Larry F. Stockbridge, MI


“My wife and I had been talking about selling our house for about 4 months and we weren’t sure who to talk to in order to explore our options.  We found Dani Lynn and after she evaluated our house and situation, she talked us through her offer and we decided to move forward.  We were able to recoup a little bit of our equity and move quickly without the hassle of continuous home showings and the house sitting on the market for months and we were able to  buy our new home soon after.  Dani was very helpful throughout the process to help us understand thoroughly every aspect of the transaction.  We are very thankful that we were able to avoid the normal hassles that go along with selling your home when listing it on the market.”

~ George Mantaring

“I was contacted by a member of Dani’s team asking if we were interested in selling our property.  What Dani didn’t realize yet was that we had massive fire damage on the interior and hadn’t been able to work on the rehab for months.    My dad was getting older and my siblings and I were just to busy to help.  When Dani asked about buying the property, I spoke to my dad to see what he thought, knowing this was probably the best thing to do as he was getting older and having a harder time getting around.   Dani got a contractor out to see the property and then she and my dad agreed on a price and within 7 days, the entire deal was closed.  I’m so happy that my dad was able to sell the property for a decent price and without a lot of hassle.”

~ Tom Nouzovsky

“My most enjoyable experience is that Dani Lynn made the entire purchase most agreeable to all parties.  We had long term renters in the house that were gently treated by Dani Lynn.  From start to payoff, everyone and everything went smoothly.  We were very happy and joyful to have done business with Dani Lynn.”

~ Paul & Helen Jacqua

“We spoke to Dani Lynn about buying our house and we were able to quickly come up with a win-win situation for the price and closing timeline.   The entire process went smooth and saved us the hassle of finishing all the repairs on the property and having to pay a realtor commissions and deal with house showings, etc..   Before closing, it turned out that we didn’t need as much time as anticipated and we asked if we could move up the closing date and Dani Lynn was able to coordinate everything so we could close sooner than expected.    We were happy to be able to deal with a company who was reliable and helped us avoid the hassle of selling our home with a realtor.”

~ Brad Johnson

“I met Dani right at the perfect time when I was considering selling some of my commercial and residential investment properties.  She and I hit it off right away and she struck me as someone I could trust.   Since the time we met, Dani and her partners have purchased 2 houses and a fourplex from me, in fact one house I’m closing on today!  I’ve been investing for years and when it came time to sell, the last thing I wanted to do was haggle with realtors, especially when I can net about the same cash amount with no fees if I sell to Dani!  It’s been nice to have a contact like Dani to call when I’m ready to sell one of my properties.  Today is another happy closing day and she got it done in less then a week!”

~ Don Taylor

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